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With the initial concepts and insights gained from the Industry Sharing and Master Talks, interested parties are encouraged to futher their knowledge of motion design, theoretical and technical, by taking part in the Accelerator Workshops.

One minute on the stage requires ten years of practice off stage.

With the programme, you will gain from:
  • Invaluable learning experience with direct access to some of the most notable names of the global motion design scene
  • Sharing from local industry experts with close to 10 years of established motion design experience and clientele network
  • The most first-hand updates and immediate access to existing industry ecology and upcoming trends
  • The participants will be fully subsidised to complete the 12 workshops, and will each receive an additional subsidy of HK$5,000.


Founder & Creative Director
Motion Design Director

Coverage of Accelerator Workshops


  • An overview and introduction to MoGraph
  • Workflow and production planning
  • Concept development and visualizing ideas for motion

Core Creative skills

  • Exploring motion with After Effects
  • Design for motion
  • Time and spacing

Advanced Training

  • Sound and motion design
  • Motion practice with industry expert 1
  • Character Animation

Next-level Techniques

  • VFX for motion
  • The 3D space
  • Motion practice with industry expert 2

Workshop Objectives
  • Max. 30 participants
  • 12 sessions of online accelerator workshops to learn about motion design skill set and industry trends
  • Mentorship & one-to-one critique and timely feedback for each assignment
  • Financial assistance to each participant as an education subsidy

Join accelerator workshop

Application eligibility
1. Hong Kong residents aged 18 or above with a valid HKID card and/or working VISA
2. Art / Design related education background and/or work experience
3. Portfolio of design work or personal art work
4. Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Mentors & Speakers

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